Complete Course with Modules

Complete Course with Modules

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Malocclusion is a misalignment or incorrect relation between the teeth of the two dental arches when they approach each other as the jaw closes.

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videoRates of Tooth Movement - 1Free
videoRates of Tooth Movement - 2Free
videoOrthodontic ForceFree
videoApplication of Biologic PrinciplesFree
videoBiology of Tooth MovementFree
videoThe Size and Shape of The Teeth | Dental ProblemsFree
videoForm of The Dental ArchesFree
videoRelationship of The Skeletal ComponentsFree
videoHarmful HabitsFree
videoHarmful NewsFree
videoOther Causes of MalocclusionFree
videoWhy Does Correcting Malocclusion Matter Clinically?Free
videoWhy Orthodontics MattersFree
videoOrthodontic ConditionsFree
videoHow Orthodontics Treats MalocclusionFree
videoHow Orthodontics Treats MalocclusionFree
videoIntroduction to Ideal OcclusionFree
videoCephalometric AnalysisFree
videoCephalometric Analysis Relationship of The Skeletal ComponentsFree
videoBolton Analysis | CalculationFree
videoRequired Skill SetFree
videoHow do you Identify Clear Aligner Patients?Free
videoHow do you identify clear aligner patients?Free
videoPre-treatment Conditions to ConsiderFree
videoDental NomenclatureFree
videoDental NomenclatureFree
videoOrthodontic Tooth MovementsFree
videoPredictability of Tooth MovementsFree
videoOrthodontic Tooth MovementsFree
videoHow Clear Aligners WorkFree
videoBiology of Tooth MovementFree
videoClear Aligner ConsistencyFree
videoAligner BiomechanicsFree
videoVital Statistics of Bone RemodelingFree
videoIncrement of ActivationFree
videoRate of Tooth MovementFree
videoApplication of Continuous Light ForceFree
videoApplication for Continuous Heavy ForceFree
video150 - 200 μmFree
videoWhat is Our General Understanding of the Rates of Tooth Movement?Free
videoOrthodontic ForceFree
videoEfficiency vs. Duration of ForceFree
videoApplication of Biologic PrinciplesFree
videoThe History of Clear AlignersFree
videoTrimline Study - Universal Testing MachineFree
videoTrimline Study - Target GroupsFree
videoScalloped Trimline and AttatchmentsFree
videoTrimline Study - DiscussionFree
videoDifferent TimelinesFree
videoTrimline ExpectationsFree
videoWhat Can Clear Aligners Do?Free
videoCase TypesFree
videoConditions With Special ConsiderationsFree
videoTwo Basic Principles for Clear Aligner TreatmentFree
videoSphere of Clear Aligner TreatmentFree
videoTooth Movement with Clear AlignersFree
videoCase Acceptance StrategyFree
videoComprehensive OrthodonticsFree
videoInterdisciplinary TreatmentsFree
videoClear Aligners vs. BracesFree
videoParadigm Shift for Aligners vs. BracesFree
videoBars and PonticsFree
videoHorizontal & Vertical Engagers/AttachmentsFree
videoKnow Before You GoFree
videoStaff PreparationFree
videoPatient PreparationFree
videoPlacing EngagersFree
videoMoving EngagersFree
videoInterproximal ReductionFree
videoIPR MaterialsFree
videoKnow Before You GoFree
videoPerforming IPRFree
videoClinical PhotographsFree
videoCollecting RecordsFree
videoPatient Informed ConsentFree
videoPre-submission WorksheetFree
videoCase RevisionsFree
videoBefore Requesting a RevisionFree
videoTroubleshooting TechniquesFree
Dr Zita Antao

Dr Zita Antao

Dental Director - Learning & Development

Course Instructor

Dr. Zita is the Dental Director for Learning and Development.

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