Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

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Learning Objectives:

  1. The Importance of Diagnosis: Understand what information is needed for a proper diagnosis and how to set goals for aligner treatment
  2. Creating a Successful Aligner Treatment Plan: How to create a successful aligner treatment plan, treatment planning guide, and more
  3. Treatment Setups: Understanding, reviewing, approving, and declining Treatment Setups & communicating with the technician

Course content

videoThe Importance of DiagnosisFree
videoDental Arch vs. Dental ProblemsFree
videoDiagnosis & Treatment PlanFree
videoA Successful Aligner Treatment PlanFree
videoGoals with Clear AlignersFree
videoSkillsets for Clear AlignersFree
videoTooth Movement Aligners vs. BracesFree
videoHow Aligners Move TeethFree
videoTreatment PreferencesFree
videoTreatment Planning GuidesFree
videoGetting the Outcomes that You & Your Patient DesireFree
videoTips for SuccessFree
videoClinician ExperienceFree
videoTreatment Planning GuidesFree
Vikram Vora

Vikram Vora


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